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September 10, 2022
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Accelerating Innovation: A New Era of Manufacturing Practices

In recent times, the pace of innovation has accelerated significantly, surpassing what we have witnessed in the past. Customers are now exploring multiple design solutions simultaneously, rather than following the traditional path of prototyping and production, which could take years. This rapid evolution demands a departure from conventional manufacturing practices.

The need for change arises from the realization that the previous pace of innovation is no longer sufficient. In response, Hirsh Precision has developed new approaches to meet the dynamic demands of this fast-paced era.

The Pace of Innovation: Then and Now

In the past, product innovation for customers followed a sequential process known as the Design of Experiments (DOEs). Engineers would start by conceptualizing a new design and then order several prototype parts to test the Form, Fit, and Function over a period of 6 to 12 months. After making necessary design changes, engineers would then order small lot parts for final design verifications and qualifications in the New Product Introduction (NPI) process, which could take an additional 12 to 18 months. Finally, the new product would be ready for volume production after a total timeline of 18 to 24 months. These designs and innovative processes were the norm back then.

Currently, customers are engaging in parallel tracks of Design of Experiments (DOEs) with intentionally designed variations to assess the real-time viability and optimization of competing designs. Design engineers are now able to order engineering parts for multiple design variants simultaneously, typically in quantities of 30s or 50s, with an expectation of receiving these parts within 4 weeks or even sooner. After evaluating the different design options, engineers will then choose the most optimized design and proceed to order a small lot for New Product Introduction (NPI) within 6 weeks of receiving the initial engineering parts. The entire product will then be ready for production in a swift 10 weeks or less.

Our Take on a Total Manufacturing Solution

As a manufacturing solutions partner, we understand the evolving needs of OEMs in today's fast-paced market. We recognize that the traditional manufacturing timeline is no longer sufficient to meet the demands of innovation and efficiency. That's why, at Hirsh Precision, we have developed a cutting-edge 3-track manufacturing system that allows us to be a truly agile and solution-driven industrial partner.

Our 3-track manufacturing system is designed to address the unique challenges faced by OEMs in different stages of product development. Whether you are in the initial stages of rapid prototyping, preparing for new part introduction, or ready for high-volume production, we have the expertise and capabilities to support your specific needs.

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Rapid Prototype

In the rapid prototyping track, we understand that getting a design right from the beginning is crucial for successful high-volume production. Track 1 enables us to collaborate with OEMs to ensure they maximize the design potential of their part during the initial stages of development. Through advanced manufacturing technologies and expertise, we help our partners iterate and refine their designs quickly and efficiently, ensuring that they can confidently ramp up into production.

Learn more about our rapid prototype solution.

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New Part Introduction

Moving on to the new part introduction track, we recognize the importance of a dedicated manufacturing process that is tailored to your market and delivery time. Our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) approach combined with our dedicated Launch Process allows us to create a right-sized, end-to-end manufacturing solution that meets each project's specific requirements. We prioritize quality, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency to ensure a smooth transition from prototype to production. 

Learn more about our NPI solution


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High-Volume Production

Finally, in the high-volume production track, we leverage our advanced manufacturing capabilities, strategic investment in technology, and deployment of automation to empower the scalability and efficiency you need to grow. Our systems, processes, and team of experts are in place to ensure that every component produced maintains the highest standards of precision and reliability. Whether you need to ramp up production from hundreds to thousands, or even beyond, we have the capabilities to support your growth.

Learn more about our high-volume production.


Hirsh is committed to being more than just a manufacturing partner. We strive to be an integral part of your success by providing innovative solutions, responsive communication, and unmatched expertise. With our 3-track manufacturing system, we are ready to adapt to changing needs and deliver the manufacturing excellence our customers deserve.