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September 10, 2022
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Hirsh Precision Expands in Colorado for 2020

Assembly specialists at our Louisville facility

Original Publication Date: September 4, 2020

2020: We All Love A Challenge

This year differs from others in many ways.  There’s no denying that it’s been difficult.  Our thoughts continue to be with those who have been affected by the challenges this year has brought.  

Some things haven’t changed.  Despite the headwinds, Hirsh Precision’s customers are still showing the same creativity, diligence, and passion for quality that made them successful.


At Hirsh Precision, we try to stay positive.  These days, we need to look no further than our customers for inspiration.  Some are figuring out new ways to treat COVID patients while others are creating new jobs during a recession.  Our customers are emerging from this season more capable and resilient.

A Culture of Continuous Improvement

Our customers ask us to “stay in step” with them as they grow.  As a result, we constantly improve how we operate.

Every team member contributes to a continuous improvement project each quarter.  We are on track to meet this goal (again) in Q3!

In 2020, we’ve implemented over 703 improvement ideas.  As a result, our team learned more about lean manufacturing principles. This, in turn, benefits our customers.

Expanding Hirsh Precision's Manufacturing Solution

In this spirit of continuous improvement, we are pleased to announce we are opening a second location in the Colorado Technology Center in Louisville, CO.

As a hub for engineering and product innovation, the Colorado Technology Center is a great fit as we grow our precision manufacturing capabilities.  It is the right next step in our journey to be the manufacturing partner of choice.

To prepare, our team has upgraded our proprietary software and the Hirsh Production System (HPS) we use to ensure quality.   Hirsh innovations like these provide customers with the quality they expect and a great experience.

Looking ahead, our new facility offers many benefits.  It will expand our precision assembly capabilities.  Hirsh Precision can now support larger and more complex medical device and aerospace projects.  In addition, we can add new manufacturing processes.

Finally, it helps us continue to reduce complexity for our customers.  We can expand our disciplined supply chain management and active inventory management services.  As a result, our customers are increasingly free to focus on product design and distribution.

The facility will be open later this year.  

American Manufacturing in 2020? Challenge accepted.

We love helping our customers grow, and we can’t wait to take on this year with you all.

Stay in touch to discover more about our plans for the future! Contact us or stay in touch!