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September 10, 2022
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VIDEO: We Expanded our Fastems FMS

Machinists collaborate around Fastems system

Original Publication Date: May 10, 2021

A few weeks ago, our team completed our long-awaited Fastems Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) expansion with the arrival of our newest Okuma MU 4000V, an extended track, new tool crib and even more pallets to build fixturing on. 

This is just the latest in an ongoing effort to keep investing in our automated manufacturing and take advantage of the latest machining technology.


Benefits of Automated Manufacturing

The Fastems FMS is just one of our many invested in manufacturing technology over the years, albeit a significant one.

Culturally, Hirsh Precision has always invested in the latest machining technology and automations. We were one of the first precision manufacturers in Boulder to purchase a CNC machine in 1981, and we’ve continued that trend with this latest investment.

Our team has always strived to increase our accuracy and efficiency, while also reducing user error and turnaround time for our customers.

With this Fastems FMS, our team is able to:

  • Increase our 24/7, lights out production
  • Utilize a fully automated machining process
  • Improve our accuracy and quality
  • Reduce lead-times for our customers

"Some of the most exciting things going on at Hirsh are around the expansion of capabilities that we can offer to our customers. Continuous Improvement is happening all the time, and the market demands that we're constantly changing," said Steve Hirsh, Founder and Director of Engineering.


Our Commitment to Excellence

To the untrained eye, this may seem like a daring investment for a company to make in the middle of a pandemic, but we at Hirsh Precision are committed to providing an industry-leading customer experience.

This means pursuing growth, investing in technology, and positioning ourselves to be the #1 precision manufacturing partner for our current and new customers.

To learn more about our machining capabilities and other growth initiatives going on at Hirsh Precision, contact our team today!